Brontide: Artery

Brontide: Artery
Title: Artery
Label: Holy Roar
Product Type: VINYL LP

Red Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 album from the British Post-Rock band. Following tours in America, Europe and the UK, the band finally settled down to write and record ARTERY. In time honored fashion, we are now three years since the release of SANS SOUCI and anticipation for music from this band is at fever pitch. If SANS SOUCI was (as exemplified by it's cover-art) dark and expansive, ARTERY displays a classy, concise vibrancy. Kaleidoscopic in it's evolution of sound for the band and in terms of new influences - shards of R&B and Electronica are now beginning to show through - without ever deviating drastically away from their trademark Math/Instrumental Rock sound. Brontide have streamlined themselves, slowly but surely, into an entity that is not just entirely unique, but something truly great to be cherished by both the band and music fans worldwide.

1.1 Tonitro
1.2 Bare My Bones
1.3 Kith and Kin
1.4 Cabin
1.5 Knives
1.6 Still Life
1.7 Caramel
1.8 Red Gold

Brontide: Artery

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