Bronze Fondue: Bronze Fondue

Bronze Fondue: Bronze Fondue
Title: Bronze Fondue
Label: CD Baby

"We play country music from the future, when there will be no country music," says Bronze Fondue lead vocalist Huck DeMilo, whose onstage presence is equal parts Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen. And he's not kidding. When you see them play their songs, as I did recently at a theater in New York City, it makes sense: They play country music, sort of, but from a country with no acoustic guitars or pedal steels, no grating nasally voices or bonehead lyrics. It's country music from a country where all of the music resonates, and where people are always laughing and having a good time even though they are bound by a universal sadness. Or maybe they're having a good time because they are bound by a universal sadness. Or maybe they're just having a good time.

1.1 Motorcycle Jumps
1.2 The Theme Song from "Transistor Boy"
1.3 Whatever Happened to Johnny Marvelous?
1.4 I Tune My Guitar to You
1.5 10,000 Letters
1.6 I Want to Be a Kennedy

Bronze Fondue: Bronze Fondue

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