Brother Firetribe: Diamond in the Firepit

Brother Firetribe: Diamond in the Firepit
Title: Diamond in the Firepit
Label: Spinefarm

2014 third full length album from Finland's melodic rock heroes. Diamond in the Firepit sounds familiar yet fresh, light-hearted yet hear-warming and flows with the natural ease the Tribesters have been recognized for since their early days - the Tribe only huddles in the studio if the feeling is right and the songs are 100% gold. T. Nikulainen's soaring synths & songwriting, P.A. Heino's velvety voice, Jason Flinck's robust bass & smooth background vox meet beat master Torniainen's hard rocking rhythms and Emppu Vuorinen's agile, classy solos & guitar heroics you just can't hear in "that other band" he plays in. (Nightwish!).

1.1 Intro
1.2 Love Is Not Enough
1.3 Far Away from Love
1.4 For Better or for Worse
1.5 Desperately
1.6 Edge of Forever
1.7 Hanging By a Thread
1.8 Trail of Tears
1.9 Winner Takes It All
1.10 Tired of Dreaming
1.11 Reality Bites
1.12 Close to the Bone

Brother Firetribe: Diamond in the Firepit

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