Brother Slade: No Relation

Brother Slade: No Relation
Title: No Relation
Label: CD Baby

Brother Slade is a family of friends. Together they blend their backgrounds of bluegrass, pop, rock, and country. They have, played, sang, written, and recorded together for several years..., but, this time they put a name on it and made a record. "No Relation" is an invitation for everyone. Welcome home.

1.1 Tom Petty Song
1.2 I Know How
1.3 Look What the Trailer Park Drug in
1.4 Girl with a Mobile Home
1.5 Too Hot to BBQ
1.6 Where's California
1.7 Matthew James
1.8 Motorcycle
1.9 Time Well Wasted
1.10 You Are the Train
1.11 Rodeo Queen
1.12 Covers
1.13 I Fell Off of the World

Brother Slade: No Relation

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