Brown, T. Graham & Christian/Blackwell

Brown, T. Graham & Christian/Blackwell: Racings Country Roots

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Product Type: CD

Title: Racings Country Roots
Label: CD Baby

The album consist of six songs paying tribute to Bobby Allison, Donnie Allison,Little Davy Allison, Red Farmer, Niel Bonnett, Freddy Fryer, 'THE ALABAMA GANG' and four country songs to stay with the theme of country roots. Great up=-tempo music with southern rock, Trad. Country, and modern feels. Surely something here for all the fans, especially Nascar fans!! the songs are performed by three very talented artist: T. GRAHAM BROWN, T. JAE CHRISTIAN & KELLEY BLACKWELL. We think this fine album will apeal to country music & race fans all over the world! It's something new and exciting and honoring some of the great racing Legends of a great time in racing history. We hope you will tell your friends about us, and share your listening experience with them.

1.1 Dedicated Nascar Fans - T. Graham Brown
1.2 Potrait of a Nascar Champion
1.3 The Vanishing Breed
1.4 Dirt Road Heartache - Kelley Blackwell
1.5 The Chase - T. Graham Brown
1.6 Red Farmer
1.7 Little Davy
1.8 A Short Track Saturday Night - T. Graham Brown
1.9 Donnie Alison's Here to Stay
1.10 Troublemaker - Kelley Blackwell
1.11 Visions of a Memory
1.12 Reminiscing

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