Bruce Gertz Quintet

Bruce Gertz Quintet: Open Mind

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Bruce Gertz Quintet
Title: Open Mind

Open Mind is a pleasure to listen to. This is a new exciting release from bassist Bruce Gertz. He has been a vital member of the Boston jazz scene for years. Not only that, through the years he has played with Gil Evans, Dave Brubeck, George Coleman, Cab Calloway and many other well known musicians. Because of my job I get to hear lots of CDs. I can say very easily that this is a CD that I love to listen to from the first tune through the last tune. Top notch musicians playing great tunes. What could be better? Eric Jackson WGBH Boston.

1.1 Eighty Eight
1.2 Glad You're Hear
1.3 Open Mind
1.4 Facing It
1.5 Just a Flesh Wound
1.6 E.J
1.7 Outer Urge
1.8 Gabriella
1.9 Lapso
1.10 For Gwenn

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