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Bruce Kurnow: Peaceful Piano

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bruce Kurnow

Title: Peaceful Piano
Label: CD Baby

Bruce Kurnow, currently residing in the San Francisco Bay area, is a multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, stringed harp, harmonica and the Gu Zheng (Chinese harp). He received the Minnesota Music Award in 1984, 1987 and 1988 for harmonica and in 1989 for harmonica, harp and keyboards. He is an active recording artist, musician, composer and producer and has compiled an impressive list of credits. Bruce toured the United States and Canada and recorded three albums with the country-rock group Mason Proffit from 1971-1973. (Mason Proffit reunited in 2003 and is touring and recording again.) He performed with groups including Passage, The Doug Maynard Band and Consort and as a soloist in Minneapolis, MN from 1965-1971 and from 1973 until his recent move to the Bay Area. He is in demand as a studio musician and has played on over 125 albums with artists/groups such as Paul Shaffer, Jevetta Steele, Ann Reed, Phil Upchurch, The Steeles, Terri Nunn, Doug Maynard, Tom Prin, and Lorie Line's Pop Chamber Orchestra. Bruce toured the country with Lorie Line for seven years and was Chief Audio Engineer of her recordings Open House and The Heritage Collection, Volume II. He also formed Bruce Kurnow Productions, a recording studio and music production company located in Northern California. In 1994, he and his wife, Karole, formed the record label Switchback Studios, Inc. As a solo recording artist, Bruce has forty-two recordings to his credit. Switchback Studios, Inc. Has released the following titles from the Portraits of Nature Series (1994) by Bruce Kurnow: Forest Reflections, Mountain Mysteries and Lake Impressions, a collection of romantic favorites called The Nature of Love (1996), Harmonicaland (1999), Pachelbel's Christmas (2001), Peaceful Piano (2002), Here and Now (2003), Holidays in Harmonicaland (2005), DreamSounds (2006), Songs of Earth and Sky (2006), Earth Rhythms (2006), Inner Journey (2006), Max & Bruce Kurnow Live in Palm Springs (2006 duo recording with his father featured on stride-style piano), Live in Palm Springs, Vol. II (2008, again featuring his father Max), Healing Harp (2007) and Peaceful Dreams (2009). Bruce also recorded Harp: Christmas Instrumental (1998) and Relaxing Harp (1999), Peaceful Harp (2004) and Relaxing Christmas Harp (2006) for Compass Productions' Target stores Lifescapes series. He also teamed up with guitarist Bobby 'Stinger' Schnitzer to record Full Circle (2006) and with guitarist Dean Magraw to record Healing (2009) for New Folk Records. REVIEW of 'Peaceful Piano': The back cover notes for 'Peaceful Piano' state: 'This solo piano recording is designed to give the listener 60 minutes of deep relaxation and peace. Producing this kind of music has the satisfying purpose and hope of providing relief from stress, insomnia, and pain.' I can fully attest to the fact that this works since I first listened to it in my CD alarm clock, and the two mornings that it was there, I slept right through it! Most of the twelve tracks are very spare, but also very evocative in their simple messages. As with most music of this nature, there is little drama, and the tracks flow gently from one to the next. The pieces are all quite lovely, and work well as a graceful backdrop for other activities (dining, reading, etc.) as well as a means to soothe the mind and to relax. Some of the music reminds me a bit of Michael Jones' improvisations. Along with piano and keyboards, Kurnow has recorded with and composed for several other instruments including harmonica and harp. Titles on this release include 'A Place of Peace,' 'Rose Garden Meditation,' 'Sea of Forgiveness,' 'A Time to Heal,' and 'Peaceful Joy.' Very quiet, soothing, and serene, 'Peaceful Piano' will certainly provide an hour of calming music if that is what you are seeking. - Kathy Parsons Solo Piano Publications.

1.1 A Fresh Start
1.2 Rolling Tide
1.3 The Coastal Trail
1.4 A Place of Peace
1.5 Moonglow
1.6 Rose Garden Meditation
1.7 Sea of Forgiveness
1.8 Waves of Love
1.9 Gentle Journey
1.10 Reflection
1.11 A Time to Heal
1.12 Peaceful Joy

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