Bruce Warlock

Bruce Warlock: Wings of Lilith

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Artist: Bruce Warlock

Artist: Bruce Warlock
Title: Wings of Lilith

Original hard rock from the depths of dark faith, these songs are the result of years of study concerning world religion, mythology and profound personal experiences. A fascination with what lies beyond drives many of the songs, as well as death experiences, and an attmpt to open people's eyes about the dangers of anorexia with the popular track 'Invisible Monster.' Others are just fun, such as the blues tunes 'Cathouse Blues' and ''Twas the Night Before'--a song dedicated to my favorite bar stop during the recording of this album, which has received awesome reviews from customers while the hot babes are dancing to it!! The first video was shot there, and will be available soon! Check out 'Kiss of the Demoness' a true story about the Dark Angel Lilith, and 'Ode to Bast' dedicated to the Egyptian Cat Goddess. Both songs also video bound! 'Wings of Lilith' will not disappoint fans of hard rock with it's hard driving sound and mysterious ways. Bruce Warlock recorded the entire album himself and hired a studio musician for the electric guitar solos in an 18 month labor of love for performing and always wanting the best! Submit to Lilith's Wings!!

1.1 Back to the Grave
1.2 Nightmare
1.3 Invisible Monster
1.4 Angel of Hell (Dark Release)
1.5 Cathouse Blues
1.6 Her
1.7 Kiss of the Demoness
1.8 Lucifer's Lust
1.9 Dance of Evil
1.10 Ode to Bast
1.11 'Twas the Night Before
1.12 White Demon
1.13 Felony and Phoenix

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