Bryan Carrigan: Focus

Bryan Carrigan: Focus
Title: Focus
Label: CD Baby

'Bryan Carrigan does something that is pretty difficult to achieve in electronic music. His sound is upbeat without being pop, kinetic without the insistence of dance music and electronic without being cold and full of doom.' - John Diliberto, Echoes Jan 31, 2012 'Carrigan apparently is a one-man arsenal of talent: composer, performer, producer, engineer, and mastering expert. Production-wise Focus sounds superb, aglow with all manner of electronic wizardry - melody, texture, and beats galore light up the aural sky throughout the album.' - Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter 'The recording is high quality ear candy - tasty, easy to digest, and leaving you wanting more, which is always the litmus test for great music.' - Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter 'Bryan Carrigan is on my short list of talented ambient musicians that are revitalizing electronic music. It's not just samples on a garage computer and then filter them through the Korg and then onto a disc. Carrigan's music is warm, intricate and above all else, refreshing. His glimpses into daily life via colorful music is stimulating and encouraging. ' - R J Lannan, Zone Music Reporter 11/18/11 'It says in Bryan Carrigan's one paragraph bio that he is a producer, song writer, synthesist and sound designer. Well, I know he is a talented producer as he has just contributed to Jeff Oster's latest release and I can hear from his new album Focus, that he is a synthesist, but sound designer? Now I can definitely agree to that. He has also contributed to a plethora of film soundtracks and TV recordings. His new ambient album contains ten tracks of beat driven, complex and vivid electronics. And to his credit, the audio on Focus is outstanding.' - R J Lannan, Zone Music Reporter 11/18/11 Focus is a downtempo ambient world album that resonates nostalgia with hypnotic pulsating beats, exotic adventures and meditative elements. All music composed, performed, produced and engineered by Bryan Carrigan at Precision Sonics in Los Angeles CA.

1.1 Circle of Sound
1.2 Cricket Crossing
1.3 Tzatziki
1.4 Red Moon
1.5 Catalyst
1.6 Cirque
1.7 Kayak
1.8 Alder
1.9 Awakening
1.10 Summit

Bryan Carrigan: Focus

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