Bryan Carrigan

Bryan Carrigan: Passing Lights

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bryan Carrigan

Artist: Bryan Carrigan
Title: Passing Lights

'Bryan Carrigan does something that is pretty difficult to achieve in electronic music. His sound is upbeat without being pop, kinetic without the insistence of dance music and electronic without being cold and full of doom.' - John Diliberto, Echoes Jan 31, 2012 All music composed, performed, produced and engineered by Bryan Carrigan.

1.1 Balloons
1.2 The Flickering
1.3 Shades
1.4 Ten Times Two
1.5 Centipede
1.6 You Me Equals We
1.7 Destination Now
1.8 The Drive Home
1.9 Hidden Spaces
1.10 Beginnings

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