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Bryan Lyrics: Pen Pad & Whole Lot of Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bryan Lyrics

Title: Pen Pad & Whole Lot of Love
Label: CD Baby

This album is dedicated to the real hip-hoppers. The PPL who thrive on real lyrics, banging beats, smooth hoooks and a style like no others. With bangers like the hit 'Thank God', 'Rap Name' and the hit 'Gorgeous'. This is the perfect album for the hip-hopper in you. Contact Bryan Collins 410-961-8038.

1.1 Pen
1.2 PPL
1.3 This Is Me Cuts
1.4 Lovehate
1.5 Coolin'
1.6 In the Heir
1.7 Dreamin'
1.8 Gorgeous
1.9 Aisle (The Wedding Scene)
1.10 Pad
1.11 Back Pack, Fitted on
1.12 Receipts in the Bag
1.13 Rap Name
1.14 Piece Sign on a Bullet
1.15 Success Story
1.16 Love
1.17 Young Love
1.18 Maybe
1.19 What Love
1.20 Thank God
1.21 Enemy

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