Bt Express: Give Up The Funk: Bt Express Anthology 1974-1982

Bt Express: Give Up The Funk: Bt Express Anthology 1974-1982
Title: Give Up The Funk: Bt Express Anthology 1974-1982
Label: BBR

Two CD collection. B.T. Express, the hard-hitting funk juggernaut from Brooklyn, New York, took the R&B world by storm in 1974 with their immense debut single, the classic funk jam 'Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)', which topped the R&B charts and was only kept off #1 Pop by Billy Preston. Starting their recording career with Roadshow Records, initially distributed by Scepter Records, on the strength of the group's debut, before moving on to Columbia distribution, B.T. Express forged a formidable reputation as one of the world's best disco/funk outfits clocking up ten R&B hit singles and seven top 50 R&B albums during their highly-acclaimed career. BBR have distilled the very best of the group's recordings into a comprehensive two-disc anthology package selected from all seven of the group's studio albums. Do It ('Til You're Satisfied) (74) and Non-Stop (75), both #1 R&B, provide the early funk bombs 'Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)', 'Express', 'Mental Telepathy', 'This House Is Smokin', 'Give It What You Got', 'Peace Pipe' and 'You Got It, I Want It'. Big Break Records is proud to present Give Up The Funk: The B.T. Express Anthology (1974-1982).

1.1 Do It (?Til You're Satisfied)
1.2 Express
1.3 Once You Get It
1.4 That?S What I Want for You Baby
1.5 Mental Telepathy
1.6 If It Don?T Turn You on (You Oughta? Leave It Alone)
1.7 The House Is Smokin?
1.8 Give It What You Got
1.9 Peace Pipe
1.10 You Got It, I Want It
1.11 Close to You
1.12 Happiness
1.13 Can?T Stop Groovin? Now, Wanna Do It Some More
1.14 Energy to Burn
1.15 Depend on Yourself
1.16 Make Your Body Move
2.1 Funky Music (Don?T Laugh at My Funk)
2.2 Eyes
2.3 Sunshine
2.4 Shout It Out
2.5 What You Do in the Dark
2.6 Ride on B.T
2.7 Give Up the Funk (Let?S Dance)
2.8 Does It Feel Good
2.9 Have Some Fun
2.10 Funk Theory
2.11 Stretch
2.12 Let Yourself Go
2.13 Keep It Up
2.14 Star Child (Spirit of the Night)
2.15 This Must Be the Night for Love

Bt Express: Give Up The Funk: Bt Express Anthology 1974-1982

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