Buck 65

Buck 65: Situation

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Buck 65

Title: Situation
Label: Strange Famous Rec

Buck 65 was on the tip of everyone's tongues in 2005 with his critically acclaimed record, This Right Here Is Buck 65, lauded by Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Blender, the New York Times, CMJ, Alternative Press, URB, XLR8R, Remix, and Magnet, among others. While Buck found great success in America, his label V2 was on it's last legs and, following his record's release, folded. While waiting to get through the red tape, he made a record with Tortoise (which saw no American release), moved to Paris, fell in love, scored a film, won a Juno (he also co-hosted said awards show with Pamela Anderson), and toured the globe. He settled in after all that and made his most realized work yet - Situation. Strange Famous Records is a new endeavor from renowned musician and savvy businessman, Sage Francis. Sage Francis and Buck 65 were reputed foes for a time; the two are now good friends and Sage Francis, as Buck 65's biggest advocate, lobbied to release Situation in the United States on his label. With it's basis centered around the many defining events of 1957, Situation recognizes the true creation of underground and independent culture that happened 50 years ago and the enticing idea that we are on the cusp of a similar renaissance. And while Buck 65's music truly defines it's own genre, Situation is a raw and powerful return to classic hip-hop delivered in Buck 65's seasoned style.

1.1 Intro 1:40
1.2 1957 3:55
1.3 Dang 2:38
1.4 Lipstick 3:08
1.5 Shutter Buggin' 3:27
1.6 Spread 'Em 2:50
1.7 Ho-Boys 3:46
1.8 Way Back When 3:32
1.9 Cop Shades 4:07
1.10 The Beatific 3:16
1.11 Mr. Nobody 3:02
1.12 The Rebel 3:15
1.13 Benz. 2:32
1.14 Heatwave 2:59
1.15 The Outskirts 3:12
1.16 White Bread 4:00

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