Bud Isaacs: Bud's Bounce

Bud Isaacs: Bud&
Title: Bud's Bounce
Label: Bear Family

This set comprises Bud Isaacs' 25 solo recordings for RCA Victor, and those include the original version of Bud's Bounce, one of the two or three most recognizable instrumentals in country music history. Steel guitar fans (and there are more than you think!) have been begging, borrowing, and stealing his RCA Victor records for decades, and now they're available for the first time since the 1950s! So steel guitar players should get down on their knees and bow towards Bear Family's HQ in Vollersode and fans of truly exceptional vintage country music should prepare for a rare and unusual treat. The set includes boogies, waltzes, indescribably lovely slow tunes, and above all "Bud's Bounce" plus the complete story of Isaacs' life and times told in the sort of detail you find nowhere else but on a Bear Family record.

1.1 Hot Mockin' Bird
1.2 Waltz You Saved for Me
1.3 Bud's Steel Guitar Stomp
1.4 Indian Love Call
1.5 Skokiaan
1.6 Bud's Boogie
1.7 Yesterday's Waltz
1.8 Cowboy Conga
1.9 Panhandle Rag
1.10 Beautiful Mahana
1.11 Steel Guitar Breakdown
1.12 Kentucky Waltz
1.13 Turn Around
1.14 Steelin' Home
1.15 By the Waters of Minnetonka
1.16 Blue Mirage
1.17 Waltz of the Ozarks
1.18 Bud's Bounce (Take C)
1.19 Texas Playboy Rag
1.20 Westphalia Waltz
1.21 Boing!
1.22 Bud's Waltz
1.23 Sweet ; Hot
1.24 Bohemiana Polka
1.25 Bud's Bounce (Alt)

Bud Isaacs: Bud's Bounce

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