Budapest Gypsy Orchestra

Budapest Gypsy Orchestra: Bura Termett Ido

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Artist: Budapest Gypsy Orchestra
Title: Bura Termett Ido

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and world class violinist, born into a celebrated family of Gypsy musicians and son of the legendary guitarist and singer Vivi Limberger. He grew up listening to the Gypsy-swing style of Django Reinhardt but, inspired by recordings of Toki Horvath, from an early age was drawn to Gypsy music of Budapest called Hungarian Magyar Nóta. At 21 he discarded the guitar and clarinet, up until then his two main instruments, and took up the violin. 'About the music I intend to play, to start of with, this music deserves to be re-appreciated in it's essential form and for that reason I don't intend to create a new style immediately. It should again be played by musicians who really want to play it. Of course, we will not try to sound like a Gypsy band out of 1920, but also we'll not play current versions either. I would like to bring all these elements together that made me want to study this music, that still inspires me, even when it seems to be dead already.' TCHA LIMBERGER.

1.1 Galamb SZÁLL a Hortobágyon
1.2 Megy a GÖZÖS Lefelé
1.3 Azért Csillag, Hogy Ragyogjon
1.4 Clarinet Solo
1.5 Búra Termett Idö
1.6 Élet, Élet, Sej-Haj, de Betyár Élet
1.7 BÚCSÚT Int Az Osz a Nyárnak
1.8 Vasvári Verbunk
1.9 Csillaghullás Éjszakáján
1.10 Te Nélküled Nincsen Tavasz
1.11 Látod, Édesanyám

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