Buddy McMaster

Buddy McMaster: Judique Flyer

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Artist: Buddy McMaster

Artist: Buddy McMaster
Title: Judique Flyer

1.1 Donald Angus Beaton Set (Joey Beaton Piano)
1.2 Alex MacDonnell's Favourite (Betty Lou Beaton Piano)
1.3 Captain O'Kane (Tracey Dares Piano)
1.4 St. Elmo Clog Set (Marie MacLellan Piano)
1.5 Memories of FR. Charles MacDonald (Maybelle Chisholm Piano)
1.6 Paulette Bissonette Set (Dave MacIsaac Guitar)
1.7 The Little Pickle Set (Joel Chiasson Piano)
1.8 Trip to Mabou Ridge Set (Jackie Dunn Piano)
1.9 E Minor Jigs (Mac Morin Piano)
1.10 FR. John Angus Rankin Set (Hilda Chiasson Piano)
1.11 Mrs. Ferguson of Wreaths (Mary Jesse MacDonald Piano)
1.12 The Second Star Hornpipe Set (Howie MacDonald Piano)
1.13 The Lockerbie Lament (Doug MacPhee Piano)
1.14 Duncan Johnstone Set (Mary Elizabeth MacInnis Piano)

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