Buffets & Buff Medways

Buffets & Buff Medways: Buffets & Buff Medways

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Title: Buffets & Buff Medways
Label: Cargo
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Next month sees the debut single from THE BUFFETS (that's BUFF-A's to you sonny) An all girl tribute to The Buff Medways the worlds greatest gararge group. Featuring Sister Tiffany Lee Linnes - vocals and guitar (Ex Stuck-up's singer), Nurse Julie - bass and vocals (Chatham Singers) & Matron Bongo - drums and vocals (Ex Headcoatee / Dutronc / Speed of Sound and many many more) the debut single is a split with The Buff Medways featuring two tracks each, one from their albums and one exclusive. (Damgood 258 7") the Buffets debut album follows in March called 'Saucy Jack' (Damgod 252) and three gigs are planned for late March as well. Cargouk.2006.

1.1 Just 15
1.2 Ivor
1.3 I'm Gland I'm Not Like David Wise
1.4 What You Got

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