Bugs Bower

Bugs Bower: Cartoons & Car Tunes

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Artist: Bugs Bower

Artist: Bugs Bower
Title: Cartoons & Car Tunes

This is a children's (from 1 to 7 years) music book & CD. They will love it because it has many of their favorite, familiar songs. The Eensie, Weensie, Spider, On top of old Smoky, and A B C D. All sung by children and a vocal group and accompanied by an orchestra! Plus the musical story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! Each song has one full page of cartoons that need to be drawn and colored and that relate to the premise of the song. Dr 'Bugs' Bower has written and/or produced for many famous artists including: Captain Kangaroo, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, and Liza Minelli. He is the recipient of 9 gold million seller recordings and 2 Grammy awards. Currently 'Bugs' is professor of music at Five Towns College, Dix Hills NY. The artwork in this book is drawn by John Rose who works for King features drawing the nationally syndicated strips, Snuffy Smith and Barney Google. He creates Kids' Home Newspaper, a weekly children's cartoon/activity page.

1.1 A B C D
1.2 Adding Numbers
1.3 Alphabet Song
1.4 Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
1.5 Bingo
1.6 Blue Tail Fly
1.7 Camptown Races
1.8 Clap Hands
1.9 Clementine
1.10 Counting Song
1.11 Do You Know the Number?
1.12 Eensie, Weensie, Spider
1.13 Farmer in the Dell
1.14 Five Little Piggies
1.15 Frere Jacques
1.16 Hey Diddle Diddle
1.17 I Wish I Wuz
1.18 In the Good Old Sumertime
1.19 Jack and Jill
1.20 Lazy Mary
1.21 Little Brown Jug
1.22 Little Miss Muffet
1.23 Make Believe
1.24 Number Song
1.25 On Top of Old Smoky
1.26 One of You
1.27 Paw, Paw, Patch
1.28 Pop! Goes the Weasel
1.29 Sailing, Sailing
1.30 Seven Days of the Week
1.31 The Man on the Flying Trapeze
1.32 Mac Donald Had a Farm
1.33 Reprise of One of You!
1.34 Story of Goldilocks ; the Three Bears

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