Bullet: Live

Bullet: Live
Title: Live
Label: Steamhammer
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. The most remarkable feature of the five-piece surrounding vocalist Hell Hofer and guitarist Hampus Klang is obvious: Bullet combines classic and contemporary heavy metal arrangements with the true values of their genre and a passion that is hard to find elsewhere. "There aren't many bands these days that have what should be obvious: a wall of Marshalls, long hair, an old tour bus, and who play 100% live without using backing tracks or stuff like that," explains Klang, together with Hofer not only one of the group's creative minds but, also one of it's founder members.

1.1 Uprising
1.2 Storm of Blades
1.3 Riding High
1.4 Turn It Up Loud
1.5 Dusk Til Dawn
2.1 Dust to Gold
2.2 Rambling Man
2.3 Bang Your Head
2.4 Hammer Down
3.1 Speed and Attack
3.2 Ain't Enough
3.3 Rolling Home
3.4 Heading for the Top
3.5 Stay Wild
4.1 Fuel the Fire
4.2 Highway Love
4.3 The Rebels Return
4.4 Bite the Bullet

Bullet: Live

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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