Bully Blinders

Bully Blinders: City of Dirt

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Artist: Bully Blinders

Artist: Bully Blinders
Title: City of Dirt

Bully Blinders are an American Alternative Hip-Hop Group. Members William Talls (Vocals, Beats) and Chad Tuthill (Bass, Beats) just released their debut album "City of Dirt." Entirely self produced combining break beats, live instrumentation, and samples, the album delivers an unpolished and raw sound which acknowledges the dirty under belly that lies beneath the desire to be perfect. The truthful junk yard flow of William Talls uniquely describes the modern day human condition while dealing with topics such as the public school system, media, love of cereal, philosophy, and the music industry. Stay tuned: Bully Blinders on the move. Welcome to the City of Dirt.

1.1 The Spirit of John Dewey
1.2 Aim Low Kid
1.3 Rather Be
1.4 Continental Breakfast
1.5 Truck Stop Food
1.6 30 Feet Above Dirt
1.7 The Charlie Sheen Theme
1.8 Can't Imagine
1.9 You Only Hear What You Want to Hear

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