Bunny Berigan

Bunny Berigan: 1931-1937: Selected Sides-classic Jazz

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Artist: Bunny Berigan

Artist: Bunny Berigan
Title: 1931-1937: Selected Sides-classic Jazz

Bunny Berigan: Selected Sides 1931-1937 (4 CDs) Bunny's daredevil trumpet work in his own band and also with Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller made him one of the most revered jazz musicians of the '30s. You'll hear him with Dorsey, Miller, Bing Crosby, Red Norvo, the Boswell Sisters and more across these four-plus hours of prime recordings: his hits "If I Had My Way," "Honeysuckle Rose" and "I Can't Get Started" plus "Rockin' Chair," "In a Little Spanish Town," "Crazy People," "Indiana," "Downhearted Blues," "Dardanella," "It Ain't Right," "Blue Lou," "Let's Do It," "Madhouse," "Squeeze Me" and more! JSP.

1.1 When I Take My Sugar to Tea
1.2 Rockin' Chair
1.3 Pardon Me Pretty Baby
1.4 On the Beach with You
1.5 I Thank You Mister Moon
1.6 By the Sycamore Tree
1.7 Why Did It Have to Be Me
1.8 Put That Sun Back in the Sky
1.9 Everybody Loves My Baby
1.10 Stop the Sun, Stop the Moon
1.11 What Would You Do
1.12 Sing a New Song
1.13 Gosh Darn
1.14 Crazy People
1.15 Dream Sweetheart
1.16 Lawd, You Made the Night Too Long
1.17 My Lips Want Kisses
1.18 Doggone, I've Done It
1.19 Mighty River
1.20 Underneath the Harlem Moon
1.21 I'll Never Have to Dream Again
1.22 Me Minus You
1.23 Sing (It's Good for You)
1.24 You've Got Me Crying Again
1.25 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
1.26 Mood Hollywood
1.27 Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn
1.28 Stay on the Right Side of the Road
1.29 Shim Sham Shimmy
1.30 Is That Religion?
1.31 You'll Never Get Up to Heaven That Way
1.32 In a Little Second Hand Store
1.33 Keep Looking Forward
1.34 You've Got Everything
1.35 Sweet Madness
1.36 Savage Serenade
1.37 Coffee in the Morning, Kisses in the Night
1.38 Sittin' on a Log
1.39 I Raised My Hat
1.40 She Reminds Me of You
1.41 Judy
1.42 Honeysuckle Rose
1.43 With All My Heart and Soul
1.44 Bughouse
1.45 Blues in E Flat
1.46 Blues Serenade, a
1.47 In a Little Spanish Town
1.48 Solo Hop
1.49 What's the Reason?
1.50 She's a Latin from Manhattan
1.51 You've Been Taking Lessons in Love
1.52 Indiana
1.53 Dear Old Southland
1.54 Sometimes I'm Happy
1.55 King Porter Stomp
1.56 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
1.57 Madhouse
1.58 What Is There to Say?
1.59 Buzzard, the
1.60 Keep Smiling at Trouble
1.61 Honeysuckle Rose
1.62 Squeeze Me
1.63 Downhearted Blues
1.64 You Took Advantage of Me
1.65 Chicken and Waffles
1.66 I'm Coming to Virginia
1.67 Blues
1.68 It's Been So Long
1.69 I'd Rather Lead a Band
1.70 Let Yourself Go
1.71 Melody from the Sky, a
1.72 I Can't Get Started
1.73 Little Bit Later on, a
1.74 Rhythm Saved the World
1.75 Just to Be in C
1.76 It Ain't Nobody's Business What I Do
1.77 Still No Luck with You, and
1.78 I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers
1.79 If I Had My Way
1.80 When I'm with You
1.81 Dardanella
1.82 It Ain't Right
1.83 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
1.84 In a Sentimental Mood
1.85 Whatcha Gonna Do When There Ain't No Swing
1.86 Organ Grinder's Swing
1.87 Rhythm Lullaby
1.88 It All Begins and Ends with You
1.89 That Foolish Feeling
1.90 Where Are You?
1.91 In a Little Spanish Town
1.92 Gonna Goo, the
1.93 Who's Afraind of Love?
1.94 One in a Million
1.95 Blue Lou
1.96 I'm Gonna Kiss Myself Goodbye
1.97 Big Boy Blue
1.98 Dixieland Shuffle
1.99 Let's Do It
1.100 I Can Get Started

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