Burnt Friedman: Do Not Legalize It

Title: Do Not Legalize It
Label: Forced Exposure
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Though the five trusty deckhands that make up the Nu Dub Players are only household names to those whose investigations of the underground have permitted them a peep below the surface, the arrival of all five of them on Great Barrier Island (New Zealand) in January 1996 caused immediate geothermal rumbles all around the musical world... Programmer, producer and engineertician Burnt Friedman is the mucousy substance that holds the highly creative and temperamental strands of the Nu Dub Players together. Having made his name as conductor for top pop combos Drome, Nonplace Urban Field and Flanger (collaboration with Atom Heart), one could imagine that this project (with the intense demands of the individual members) could be a trying one for the Kolonic cut crusader. But it is within the dub-soaked melange of misappropriated mischief and endless echo that the smouldering one is most at home. Reining in the individual skills of each of his semi-psychotic sidekicks and channeling them through the mixing desk Burnt ensures that the Nu Dubs highly skilled musical mutterings don't turn into a pile of muso wank."

1.1 Hard Drive Dub
1.2 Riddiculation Riddim
1.3 The Big Black Other
1.4 Hut Selector Version

Burnt Friedman: Do Not Legalize It

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