Butch Baldassari

Butch Baldassari: Travellers

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Artist: Butch Baldassari
Title: Travellers

Drawing on American, Celtic and Latin dance traditions, Butch Baldassari, Robin Bullock and John Reischman transcend cultural lines to create an infectious instrumental sound that embraces and enhances the common ground shared by these varied musical styles.

1.1 Old French/The Wise Maid/Swinging on a Gate
1.2 Little Jacky Wilson
1.3 Como Llora Una Estrella (As Weeps a Star)
1.4 El Grillo (The Cricket)
1.5 Chief Sitting Bull/Blue Eagle
1.6 Birdland Bounce
1.7 Arkansas Traveller/Little Rabbit/Miss MacLeod's Reel
1.8 Kelsterne Garden/Childgrove
1.9 Jesuhito en Chihuahua (Jesse Polka)
1.10 President Garfield's/President Grant's/Rising Fawn Reel
1.11 Dead March/Jenny Lynn
1.12 Waltz in the Bluegrass (Frank Wakefield)

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