Butterfly Rose

Butterfly Rose: Women of the Smokies

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Artist: Butterfly Rose

Artist: Butterfly Rose
Title: Women of the Smokies

Butterfly Rose is an Americana duo featuring Carol Zamora and Kaye Pryor. Carol & Kaye are genuine. Their music reflects their sensitivity and life-experiences. Their soothing harmonies resonate with truth and simplicity. True to their musical roots, their contemporary blend captures a down-to-earth feel. They effortlessly follow one another with an intuitive sense for where to take the melody. Their lyrics speak directly to the heart. They gently interlace words that draw from their passion for authenticity. That authenticity is what draws listeners of all ages into the stories and emotions that they share in their songs. A Butterfly Rose song is a journey down a well-worn path that leads one to reflect on life's struggles and triumphs. It's a journey that begins with longing and ends with inspiration for the soul.

1.1 The Boots She Wore
1.2 Lydia
1.3 The Avent Cabin
1.4 Ella
1.5 Dorie
1.6 Beloved Women
1.7 With a Pen in Her Hand
1.8 Sevier County's Darlin'
1.9 The Strands of the Past
1.10 Five Sisters Cove

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