Byplane: Rest of Us

Byplane: Rest of Us
Title: Rest of Us
Label: CD Baby

Here lay 12 pieces of a musical painting, whose roots run deep with a thirst for inspired simplicity, a distaste for mediocrity and a relentless quest for originality. A firm belief held by this song writing team that 'all styles of music possess some value when handled correctly', manifests itself uniquely in each composition of this intense and provocative rock based record. Each song, from the striking ballads through to the powerful blues number, is part of a smorgasbord of inspired music riddled with strong melodies and striking lyrics, on a canvass of originality and time-tested influences. Song order lay-out on this CD builds on a concept to flaunt ingenious opposing styles and counterpoints that reveals a deep common thread and mirrors our erratic human emotions. Upon hearing the numerous influences supported by fresh, unique vocals and a deep lyrical pen, you'll find yourself on a modern emotional coaster experience in the classic album styling. Created for listening from beginning to end, some may learn to relegate the term, 'Record song continuity' to be synonymous with the word 'Boring'. The song writing team of Gulley and Blake are anything but! 'The appropriate words would be 'classic' and 'timeless'. The Byplane proves once and again that having the right inspirations and references can produce music of substance and quality in the right hands. The talent of Charles Blake and Richard Gulley indicates conclusively that music making should always be about substance rather than form. What matters most is how tasty and sumptuous the music is. The band delivered wildly on every level. This is simply good music and highly recommended to all music lovers of every persuasion.' by Kevin Matthews 'The guitar is what truly defines The Byplane. They're in the same league as George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix and Slash. Not many bands are talented enough to release tracks that are entirely based on the merits of their music, so it's a pleasant surprise. It's edgy, it's bold and quite frankly it rocks! When The Byplane plays rock, they sound like naturals. They are charismatic and attention grabbing. There is no denying The Byplane's talent. They are incredible guitarists that very few can match. Definitely check them out! ' by Zack Daggy.

1.1 Intro
1.2 On and on
1.3 Mudbuddy
1.4 Angel
1.5 Truckload
1.6 Sweet Diane
1.7 Drivin' South
1.8 Dreams
1.9 Permission
1.10 Arizona Blues
1.11 Under the Gun
1.12 Deit Eugnot
1.13 Acid 9

Byplane: Rest of Us

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