Byron Hypolite

Byron Hypolite: Round Trip

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Artist: Byron Hypolite

Artist: Byron Hypolite
Title: Round Trip

The album entitled Round Trip deals with several different topics as: the problems in todays world,some of Byrons personal testimony,reaching out to lost souls, the battle between our own selfish will and Gods will,equality,heaven,hell,who God is,the love of Jesus and the love of money.My intention was to inspire people to draw closer to Jesus Christ,I think I've been succesful so far.People as young as 7 years old to as old as 75 years old have purchased the album! It's very encouraging to me when people walk up to me and say 'I don't even like rap music but I love your music,It's not even rap It's inspiring!'

1.1 Round Trip (Intro)
1.2 You Saved Me
1.3 Come Unto Me
1.4 The Battlefield
1.5 Gone Fishin
1.6 Equality
1.7 Wait a Minute
1.8 When I Get to Heaven (Interlude)
1.9 When I Get to Heaven
1.10 The Godhead
1.11 I Love You Lord
1.12 My Best Friend
1.13 Reality Check
1.14 The Love of Money
1.15 I Put My Gun Down
1.16 Pray for Me
1.17 Hell Is a Real Place
1.18 Wonderful Name
1.19 Round Trip (Outro)

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