C-Dubb: Ground Zero

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Product Type: CD
Artist: C-Dubb

Artist: C-Dubb
Title: Ground Zero

Northern California rapper C-Dubb is back with his new album 'GROUND ZERO' . Every track is bangin with that West Coast, Sacramento mobb sound. C-Dubb has been puttin it down for years and continues to grow with every release. This is C-Dubb'S 4th release and he has been featured on various comps and albums from sac to the bay . He has tracks featured with San Quinn, Messy Marv, Hollow tip, Young Droop, Sky Balla, and many more . Ground Zero is volume one of nine. Volume two will be available in March 2006. What's different about 'GROUND ZERO ' is that this album has no features . NO FEATURES!!! C-Dubb felt he wanted to hold down a whole album solo like they used to do back in the day. Check this album out and pick it up . You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!

1.1 Rider Muzik
1.2 Fuck Em All
1.3 Futuristik
1.4 Ground Zero
1.5 Worldwide
1.6 Sellin Game
1.7 Let You Go
1.8 Finally
1.9 Keep It Mobb
1.10 Here We Go Again
1.11 Strugglin
1.12 The Formula
1.13 Lost Soul
1.14 Flamez
1.15 Outro

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