Ceo: Wonderland

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Ceo

Artist: Ceo
Title: Wonderland
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release, the second album from Swedish Electronic Pop mastermind Erick Berglund AKA ceo, formerly of the Tough Alliance. Wonderland comes three short years after the ceo debut, White Magic. Wonderland is a Technicolor elucidation of a fantasy ideal, a place in a dream from which you never awake. The record stretches and threatens to buckle under the kind of dense emotional weight we only catch glimpses of in the world we know, which is perhaps why Berglund had to find one in which these feelings can thrive. It's one that dives deep into the trenches of despair while also overflowing with a kind of purity and joy one can only hope to experience in real life.

1.1 Whorehouse
1.2 Harakiri
1.3 Mirage
1.4 In a Bubble on a Stream
1.5 Wonderland
1.6 Juju
1.7 Ultrakaos
1.8 Omg

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