"C"-Philes: Life Is Like a Poo Poo Platter

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Artist: "C"-Philes

Artist: "C"-Philes
Title: Life Is Like a Poo Poo Platter

'C'-Philes has released their follow-up to their dubut CD 'Grassy Key Is Where'. Their new CD is a little darker and deals more with life issues. Hence, the title, 'Life Is Like A Poo Poo Platter'. The songs deal with triumphs, tragedies, and humorous issues that life can hand you. One of the biggest tragedies was hurricane season 2005. 'Come Back New Orleans' was written while Cindi and Roger were evacuated themselves from their Florida Key home for Hurricane Rita. While watching the news of Hurricane Katrina from their hotel room, the emotional and thought provoking song came together. 'Why Can't Men Be Like Mickey' was an idea given by Roger and Cindi's daughter, Shelly. It was a humorous comparison and they ran with it. Their middle son John also contributed. He and Roger co-wrote and recorded the vocals on 'A Father and His Son' and 'Lost And Lonely Blues' 'The Good in Every Day' is about a starving musician far from home and his daily struggles to survive. Even though he deals with his own perils, he enjoys making others happy with his music. So, all songs are taken from real life issues ranging from a mistaken break-up ('The Bed That You Made') to someone losing their life long partner ('The Last Good-Bye'). Just remember, when 'Life Hands You A Poo Poo Platter'-------make sure you share!!

1.1 If You Can't Be Good
1.2 Come Back New Orleans
1.3 When Life Gives You a Poo Poo Platter
1.4 The Bed That You Made
1.5 The Good in Every Day
1.6 Follow the Light
1.7 Blessed with An Angel
1.8 Why Can't Men Be Like Mickey
1.9 Choices
1.10 A Father and His Son
1.11 Lost and Lonely Blues
1.12 The Last Good-Bye

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