Caged Heat

Caged Heat: Serious Action

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Artist: Caged Heat

Artist: Caged Heat
Title: Serious Action

Caged Heat's brand of blues-infused punk is solid, melodic, and rocks like hell. Lead singer and songwriter Jill 'Chilly' Kurtz wields her 1972 Gibson with a heavy hand, but is most known for her enthralling harmonica playing. Chilly has even been compared to her favorite blues legend, Little Walter, whose harmonica style inspired Otis Spann to say, 'The harmonica is the mother of the band.' Anyone who's seen Jill blow the harp walks away reeling from the truth of that statement. Jill founded the original Caged Heat, a trio, in late 1997. She'd wanted to move in a different direction after working for nearly four years with her critically acclaimed acid rock project, Ashera. Caged Heat provided the creative outlet Jill was seeking for her more accessible punk rock songwriting. After several lineup changes that brought about a positive evolution in the band's sound, today's Caged Heat has achieved a depth and maturity often missing from the average punk rock outfit. With Kyle Keenan's skillful lead guitar, Chris Ando playing spellbinding bass, and drummer Scott Hansen hitting heavy on the drums, Caged Heat churns out song after hook-filled song, stealing the show and winning over new audiences nightly. Caged Heat has been compared to The Stooges, The New York Dolls, and Blondie.

1.1 Come from Me
1.2 Serious Action
1.3 It's Okay
1.4 Your Stare
1.5 With You
1.6 Turn Around
1.7 Get Away
1.8 Mans Fate
1.9 Frankie the Fish
1.10 I Can't Complain
1.11 Bleed (Acoustic Version)
1.12 Train Fantasy
1.13 Cry
1.14 Road Map
1.15 Turning Down the World
1.16 Doing It All for You
1.17 Saved By the Bell
1.18 Odemo
1.19 Looks Like the Weddings Off
1.20 Sugarfree
1.21 Tell Me Baby
1.22 It's All Over

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