Caine: Pipe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Caine

Artist: Caine
Title: Pipe

'Being blindsided by newcomers is one of our favorite sensations, and the latest to smack us upside the ears is guitarist Adam Caine. He's clearly his own man, and one to watch.' - Time Out New York 'Powerful blues-inflected playing that would easily find a home on Miles Davis' Jack Johnson sessions.' - The Wire 'In the company of inspirational veterans, bassist Ken Filiano and drummer Phil Haynes, Caine excels at his brand of atmospherics, shifting moods, fiery romps, and at times, somewhat unnerving sound sculptures. Caine isn't about pyrotechnics, but rather, appreciates the strength of space and a deliberate construction of his ambiance...In the days of bloated compact discs where far too much music is left in the program, rather than on the cutting room floor where it belongs, Pipe is truly one of those rare discs that leaves you wanting more. With Caine's forthright delivery alongside his gifted cohorts, this is one of those releases that truly comes out of left field, leaving you glad that you stumbled upon it.' - One Final Note 'Benefiting from a post punk industrial mindset and having it's roots in free jazz/psychedelia, Adam Caine's trio, that bears his last name, has debuted with Pipe, a soundtrack of soundscapes that stretch sonic boundaries. A trio in the truest sense, Caine's guitar certainly wails, screams and contorts but is an integral part of the overall sound. Bassist Ken Filiano and drummer Phil Haynes mesh with Caine and do their part to blur the lines between specific instruments in support of the overall feel. Filiano's bowing is a special treat and adds delicious textures to several cuts. - All About Jazz 'Caine lays another stone upon the structure of serious psychedelic fusion. Where will they go next time?' - Cadence Magazine.

1.1 Turgataur
1.2 Thitic
1.3 Maurice
1.4 Separator
1.5 Shifting

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