Caledonian Orchestra of Nova Scotia

Caledonian Orchestra of Nova Scotia: Castle Sween

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Artist: Caledonian Orchestra of Nova Scotia
Title: Castle Sween

The title tune Castle Sween was composed by Nelson Ferguson, Musical Director of the Caledonian Orchestra since 2002. Castle Sween is located on the eastern shore of Loch Sween, Knapdale, on the west coast of Argyll, Scotland. The castle is thought to have been built in the middle of the 12th century by an Irishman Suibhne (pronounced Sween ). The castle has a very stormy history. After passing into many hands, it was captured by Sir Alexander MacDonald in 1647 and partly dismantled. It is one of the oldest stone castles on the Scottish mainland. Castle Sween is now under the protection of Historic Scotland. The Caledonian Orchestra of Nova Scotia is proud to name this, their third recording, Castle Sween.

1.1 Happy Harry
1.2 A Tribute to Ron Gonella
1.3 Lady Glasgow's Strathspey Set
1.4 Leaving Lerwick Harbour
1.5 A Tribute to the Societies
1.6 The Ornithologist
1.7 Castle Sween
1.8 Betty Fitchet's Wedding
1.9 A Tribute to James Scott Skinner
1.10 Ronald Cooper
1.11 The Strathspey King
1.12 The Kettle Cakewalk
1.13 The Queen's Visit to Morrison's Academy
1.14 The Gay Gordon's

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