Calicodrifters: Dreams Are the Ponies We Ride

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Artist: Calicodrifters

Artist: Calicodrifters
Title: Dreams Are the Ponies We Ride

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Calicodrifters incorporates a wide range of American song traditions in it's distinctive delivery Their songs cut a broad swath through the American musical landscape. Whether it be the raw sound of the delta blues; the distinctive longing of an old-time-styled folk song; the optimism of a snappy, World War II era, jazz standard; or the whimsy of an energetic, pop song, Calicodrifters plays with passion, conviction, and an authenticity that makes each song their own. Criss-crossing the country from Boston to Baltimore to Georgia to Colorado, California, and numerous points between, Calicodrifters' extraordinary, original songs tell the stories of everyday characters who live ordinary, rich and interesting American lives. "There's something going on here. Americana mixed with blues, folk and a little jazz, and great harmonies" - Dale Kidd, Kydd and Byrd '... A countrified take on back porch torch songs featuring strong vocals and distinctive blues ... accents.' The Onion, Oct 27-Nov 2, 2005 "Calicodrifters is one to keep your eye on, professional and unique.' - Rick Tvedt, Rick's Cafe: More reviews below...

1.1 How Do You Watch a Movin' Train
1.2 Old Ragtop
1.3 On Clinton Street
1.4 Don't Come Down Here
1.5 Dreams Are the Ponies We Ride
1.6 Vinegar Hill - Broken Sad
1.7 I Went A-Wanderin'
1.8 Siren Call
1.9 That Dreamers Dream
1.10 Heartland County
1.11 Cardboard Box
1.12 My Prairie Home
1.13 (35 Seconds of Silence)
1.14 I'm Goin' Away

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