Caligator: Snapper

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Caligator

Artist: Caligator
Title: Snapper

'Snapper' is the second offering from the band Caligator and it's a lot more of a good thing: awesome guitar playing in a nice fusion of rock, jazz, and Corky Newman's compositional originality. His long-time friend, bassist Bill McCloskey (returning from the first CD) joins Corky Newman who's providing all the guitar & lead vocals . Added to Caligator's line-up now are world-class drummer Rich Zeller & keyboard wizard Lenny La Rue. 'Snapper' is one hell of a 'guitar CD' but it brings so much more to the table: fantastic guitar tones & feel, professional recording, excellent vocals and excellent playing all around.

1.1 Frogsticker
1.2 The Man I'm Not
1.3 Brown Noser
1.4 Delta Haze
1.5 Watermelon
1.6 Blindman
1.7 I-75
1.8 Snatch
1.9 Hurricane Alley
1.10 Mexico Bay
1.11 China Town
1.12 Swingtime Part II

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