Caligula: Wrinkled Deep Under Heavy Night

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Artist: Caligula

Artist: Caligula
Title: Wrinkled Deep Under Heavy Night

'The Wrinkled Deep Under Heavy Night' is the first installment in a volume of stories all expressed through instrumental music. The first part of the album is reverberating and deep, piling into chaos and intensity, while the latter part of the album is full of an eerie calm, or even seemingly joyous excitement. At times the album feels like a film score as it expresses and illustrates the build-up and release of cataclysmic events. At other times it feels like minimalism or expressive poetry as order is restored, but on uncertain ground. The instruments all play characters in the story. The piano is the narrator, playing as the main character, trying to understand it's differing surroundings. In pieces such as Crumbling into the Earth, the piano seems almost drowned out in the chaos. Later, in pieces such as When There is Nothing Left But Us, the piano takes on a main role; the relationship between it and a guitar is expressed in a simple emptiness that remains after Dusk. The only constant is the atmosphere that unifies and ties that characters together throughout the album. This gives it the New Age feel. I recommend listening to the entire album in order so as to capture the whole story being told. The songs run through each other and carry elements (representing scars or memories) into the latter songs. While there may be a song or two that jump out, I as the artist feel that all of them deserve to be cast in the light of the story. The details of the events expressed I leave up to the listener's imagination, intuition, and experiences in order to 'read between the lines' of this musical storytelling. Enjoy . . . All work by Caligula (including work not on this album, which may be released at a later date outside of the stories volume) is performed/pieced together by a single artist, with the help and attention of many musicians (each song is a collective piece of work with many differing inputs in order to capture the more universal vibes needed to express the story). Caligula also designed the artwork for the album where it was printed by Sweetwater: Music Instruments & Pro Audio in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The album itself was recorded at Monastic Chambers in New Haven, Indiana and will likely be the home of future albums. It was recorded on Digital Performer 7 and used many live instruments with the addition of MOTU/EastWest plug-ins. UPDATE: The next story in the volume is beginning production and will be using Pro Tools 9 and EastWest Quantum Leap for nearly all plug-ins. Of course live instruments will be used for the most part.

1.1 Across the Dead Dirt Floor
1.2 Never Quite Like This
1.3 Crumbling Into the Earth
1.4 The Fall
1.5 Dusk
1.6 When There Is Nothing Left But Us
1.7 Finding the Sun
1.8 Red Crown
1.9 A Second Throne
1.10 The Return of Time
1.11 Let It Last

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