Call Sound Call Noise

Call Sound Call Noise: Call Sound Call Noise

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Artist: Call Sound Call Noise
Title: Call Sound Call Noise

Call Sound Call Noise derives it's name from the BASIC sound generating routine of the early 1980s TI-99/4a computer. In grades 1 and 2, Adam Deibert discovered BASIC and composed little songs and sound effects in between games of Parsec and Hunt the Wumpus. Unfortunately, since he didn't have a cassette storage interface, these songs were lost and forgotten... Twenty years later, Adam decided to write more songs and named the new project after those lost sessions. Above all, his goal was to combine playing methods, sounds and lyrics that were not retro/derivative nor overly present/dated. Obsolete technology, stucco, indecision, windswept plains, natural disasters, and long brick walls influenced the moderately reflective, occasionally abstract lyrics. Can, Sly and the Family Stone, Devo, Indonesian Gamelan, Peter Gabriel, and Thelonius Monk mixed to form the clean, rhythmically focused sound. The resulting music could possibly be compared to Stereolab, early Brian Eno, and well, probably Yes.... On the self-titled debut, Adam decided to play, record and mix himself. The result is neither self-indulgent nor one-dimensional, while still showcasing a variety of imaginative sonics and songwriting approaches.

1.1 Waits and Measures
1.2 Tear Down the Glass Walls
1.3 14 Years at Sea
1.4 Body Body
1.5 Rancor Aweigh
1.6 Minute King
1.7 Miss Blacktop
1.8 Derive Derive
1.9 Hi_1999
1.10 Monochrome Knows it's Boundaries

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