Camo Cowboys

Camo Cowboys: Camo Cowboys

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Artist: Camo Cowboys

Artist: Camo Cowboys
Title: Camo Cowboys

Outlaw Music from the Emerald Triangle Living in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, where some of the world's finest weed is grown, the Camo Cowboys are an outlaw band that have lived the life, been on the front line, and tell it from the heart. Their songs are based on real events and real characters, many of whom have become rumors in their own time. They know the heart-stalling rush as the helicopter makes that turn into the neighborhood, the gut-wrenching dread as the caravan of inter-agency law enforcement vehicles cruise up the road, and the overwhelming relief as they pass you by, only to ruin someone else's day. On the other hand, they know the good fortune of life in a part of paradise where the schedule and job description are what you make it. The game is always afoot, no matter what time of year, and it's played (by both sides) with the intention of winning. Cash Johnson and the band are proud to bring you this collection of songs from the view of the 'mom-and-pop' grower. We know that there are many more of you around the country who are similarly involved and can intimately relate to and identify with these songs. We hope you enjoy listening to this CD as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Note to DJ's: With the exception of engineer and recording studio credits, all names have been changed to protect the guilty.

1.1 Family Felony
1.2 South County Blues
1.3 Inside or Outside
1.4 Kickin' Ass ; Takin' Names
1.5 Cash's Theme
1.6 Trusty Steed
1.7 Medicine Man
1.8 Flower Police
1.9 Ballad of Shadrack
1.10 Changing of the Guard
1.11 Harvest Time

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