Camp Lincoln String Band

Camp Lincoln String Band: Counting Stitches

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Camp Lincoln String Band
Title: Counting Stitches

1.1 Keemo Kimo
1.2 Feed Her Candy (And Tell Her Lies)
1.3 Jine the Cavalry
1.4 Do They Miss Me at Home
1.5 Arkansas Traveler/Turkey in the Straw
1.6 Durang's Hornpipe
1.7 My Old Kentucky Home
1.8 Wrecker's Daughter
1.9 Camptown Races
1.10 Rye Whiskey Waltz
1.11 Ring the Banjo
1.12 When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Jefferson ; Liberty
1.13 Lubly Fan
1.14 Flop Eared Mule
1.15 Polly Wolly Doodle
1.16 Pig Squeal Schottische
1.17 Columbia the Gem
1.18 Minstrel Boy
1.19 Marching Through Georgia

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