Camptown Shakers

Camptown Shakers: Shakedown

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Artist: Camptown Shakers
Title: Shakedown

During the Civil War, soldiers would sometimes pass the time between campaigns performing in minstrel bands. As reenactors, we created the Camptown Shakers to learn first hand how the soldiers entertained themselves in winter camp. Along the way we became familiar with some of the other diversions common to any Civil War camp. For our third recording we have selected some songs and tunes that reflect that theme: tobacco, drinking, gambling, and the pursuit of the fairer sex both chaste and otherwise.

1.1 O! Lud Gals
1.2 Rose of Alabama
1.3 Tater Patch
1.4 Walk Jawbone
1.5 Walk Into de Parlor Jig
1.6 Dandy Jim from Caroline
1.7 New York Girls
1.8 Walk Along John
1.9 Robinson County
1.10 Jack of Diamonds
1.11 Blue Tail Fly
1.12 Chickens Crowing at Midnight
1.13 Miss Lucy Long
1.14 Old Horse ; Buggy
1.15 Way Down the Old Plank Road

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