Candle in the Window

Candle in the Window: Candle in the Window

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Title: Candle in the Window
Label: CD Baby

"Candle in the Window", the new one-act opera for children and adults written by Pat Lotito and Larry Luttinger, has been garnering praise since it's debut in Syracuse in September of 2001. According to Neil Novelli of the Herald-Journal, the effort is "...sure enough opera, not candy-coated make believe. The emotions and ideas come from the fusion of words set to powerful, expressive music. A forty-five minute delight!" The piece has steadily been gaining recognition and interest by the educational community.

1.1 Prelude
1.2 Promenade / This Stone
1.3 The Conversation
1.4 Soon It Will Come / We Dropped It in the Pot
1.5 Do You Suppose
1.6 Candle in the Window
1.7 Will You Set the Table
1.8 Beautiful Soup
1.9 Shall We? Lettuce!
1.10 Though Your Powers I Admire
1.11 Interlude
1.12 Finale (Candle Reprise)

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