Cap: Selected to Win

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Artist: Cap

Artist: Cap
Title: Selected to Win

Cap is on the verge of releasing his lastest album, this brings much excitement to his fastly growing army of fans. His album is expected to be a huge success with new sounds, by the producer who reconstructs people's feeling's and moods threw laid back grooves and up tempo melodies. People forget about there problems and feel as young as they want to threw cosmetic reconstruction in his music. His talent is at such a level that it has been known to put Men and Women a like in the right mindset in this pimp or be pimped world. He entertains while giving you an audio manual of Instructions. "I give you Instructions because if I don't you will be headed for self destruction". Cap has been known to draw his musical experiences from the talents of James Brown, Dr. Dre, Robert Fonksta bacon Jr, DJ. Quik, Curtis Mayfield, Willie Hutch, Marvin Gaye, Barry White Rick James, Buddy Guy, Rick Rubin, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roger Troutman, Jimi Hendrix, Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam, and the all famous Gap Band to name a few; his influences come from so many more but the foundation of his musical idols should be clear by the above mentioned. The development and completion of his new project will give all the listener the chance to witness, the development of Cap's unique style that is the result of a lifetime of music that flows through him by either, writing, producing, arranging, or being a natural born lover of the Sound........

1.1 Can U Buy That?
1.2 Hook It Up
1.3 Never Bend the Rules
1.4 Ain't a Cloud in the Sky
1.5 Just Lyke
1.6 Same Old Feeling
1.7 Outta Pockett
1.8 She Likes 2 Boogie
1.9 Wal-Mart Shit
1.10 Take a Flick 4 Me
1.11 How Long
1.12 I'm a Problem
1.13 Pass the Kitty
1.14 Neck of the Woods
1.15 Porno Music
1.16 Selected II Win
1.17 I'm Still @ It
1.18 Relax [Myspace Version] [Version]

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