Capcom Sound Team

Capcom Sound Team: Mega Man X (Original Soundtrack)

$36.96 $42.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Release Date: 09/16/2022

Title: Mega Man X (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Laced Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

The propulsive rock soundtrack for Super Famicom/SNES spin-off title Mega Man X quite simply kicks ass. Setsuo Yamamoto led composition, with Makoto "Tomozou" Tomozawa, Yuki "Sato" Iwai, Yuko Takehara, and Toshihiko "Kirry" Horiyama also contributing - collectively known as 'Alph Lyla', Capcom's house band at the time. 34 remastered tracks will be pressed onto a heavyweight LP, housed in a printed inner sleeve with spined outer sleeve. This Standard Edition comes in black.The vinyl sleeve features several brand new, eye-popping pieces by Mega Man maven ultimatemaverickx. UMX's status among the community as a Blue Bomber superfan is undisputed, and he drew on his bottomless knowledge of series lore to create beautifully composed, story-significant pieces.

1.1 Capcom Logo
1.2 Title
1.3 Password
1.4 Opening Stage
1.5 Vile 1
1.6 Vile 2
1.7 Zero
1.8 Cutscene
1.9 Stage Select 1
1.10 Stage Start
1.11 Launch Octopus Stage
1.12 Chill Penguin Stage
1.13 Flame Mammoth Stage
1.14 Boomer Kuwanger Stage
1.15 Sting Chameleon Stage
1.16 Spark Mandrill Stage
1.17 Storm Eagle Stage
1.18 Armored Armadillo Stage
1.19 Boss 1
1.20 Boss 2
1.21 Stage Complete
1.22 You Got a New Weapon
1.23 Stage Select 2
1.24 Sigma Stage 1
1.25 Sigma Stage 2
1.26 Sigma Stage 3
1.27 Sigma Stage 4
1.28 Sigma 1
1.29 Sigma Rebirth
1.30 Sigma 2
1.31 Dr. Light Capsule
1.32 Ending
1.33 Cast Roll
1.34 Staff Credits

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