Capcom Sound Team

Capcom Sound Team: Resident Evil (Original Soundtrack)

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Artist: Capcom Sound Team
Title: Resident Evil (Original Soundtrack)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Composed by the Capcom Sound Team, Masami Ueda, Makoto Tomozawa and Akira Kaida, Resident Evil's brooding score became a benchmark for horror games, giving the original genre-defining masterpiece a persistent and unnerving sense of claustrophobia.Each soundtrack has been remastered specifically for this release and will be pressed onto audiophile heavyweight, deluxe double-vinyl 180g LPs, in both standard black and special limited editions featuring unique marble colourways and housed in striking gatefold sleeves. The Resident Evil (Original Soundtrack) and Resident Evil 2 (Original Soundtrack) vinyl infection is currently contained to North American and EMEA territories.

1.1 Nightmare
1.2 Prologue
1.3 Shot in the Silence
1.4 Evil Dead
1.5 Terror-1
1.6 Hunted!, Disappearance
1.7 Deathtrap
1.8 Terror-2
1.9 Lost in Darkness
1.10 Terror-3
1.11 A Casualty
1.12 Terror-4
1.13 Save Theme
1.14 Vacant Room
1.15 Narrow and Close
1.16 Sigh of Relief
1.17 The Encounter
1.18 Ivies' Domain
1.19 Talking to Yourself?
1.20 Cold Water
1.21 Sacrifice
1.22 Neptune
1.23 Vines of Wrath
1.24 Plant 42
1.25 Deception
1.26 New Threat
1.27 Rush of Fear
1.28 Rush of Horror
1.29 Underground
1.30 Bravo Captain
1.31 Room of Lisa
1.32 Question of Trust
1.33 Memento
1.34 The Depth
1.35 Concrete Bound
1.36 Secret Revealed
1.37 Double-Cross
1.38 The Awakening
1.39 Tyrant-1
1.40 Countdown
1.41 Tyrant-2
1.42 Epilogue
1.43 Ending Credits

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