Capital Community Church Sanctuary Choir

Capital Community Church Sanctuary Choir: Free 2 Worship

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Artist: Capital Community Church Sanctuary Choir
Title: Free 2 Worship

This project was born out of a great vision to bring people into God's presence. Free 2 Worship represents a collection of songs that have drawn many people to the Capital Commuity Church of Ashburn VA. It is our desire that you are encouraged in praise and drawn closer to God in worship through the ministry of this project. A variety of songs as well as instrumentation awaits you as you are pulled in with the sound of the lead quitar, encouraged to jump with the Latin percussion, and soothed with the piano ballads.

1.1 I Know He's Worthy
1.2 My Redeemer Lives
1.3 No Word But Holy
1.4 Shout!
1.5 Breath
1.6 We Invite Your Presence Here
1.7 As Long As I Have Breathe
1.8 Shout (Bonus Soundtrack)
1.9 I Know He's Worthy (Bonus Soundtrack)
1.10 Free 2 Worship Band (Instrumental)

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