Capital: Reason

Capital: Reason
Title: Reason
Label: CD Baby

''The Reason'' EP was created to show people a glimpse of the story that is overlooked in popular music. It is a look inside the mind of an average man; the middle class nine-to-five grinder. ''My music is just depicting my own struggles, my own thoughts, my struggle with artistry and the motivation to keep going, you know? It's not about flash, getting faded and partying all the time.. You can do that too, I'm just saying... slow down and listen to what I have to say right here about the real intricate human emotion and confusion that the every day man is going through on a day to day basis. It's not pop music. If you buy this album expecting some pop party music you're missing the whole point. You need to take some time out of your day and vibe with it. This represents, introspective rap. That rap that you have to delve deep inside of your mental.. something that you have to scrape off the inside of your soul just to show someone what you're working with inside your self. Like, 'Look at how BLACK this evil, this root is inside of me. Watch ME overcome it.' I hope.. I take that and give it to you for some motivation to keep doing what you're doing. Keep living your life and being strong. I want to drop you into my day to day struggles. No intro, no introduction. Just real. My life is based on relationships. I work around relationships and what I put into them.'' ''The Reason'' EP was created over a period of 7 months.

1.1 Deception
1.2 Process of Growth
1.3 Love
1.4 Salvation
1.5 Doubt
1.6 Separation
1.7 Harmony
1.8 Dreaming

Capital: Reason

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