Captain Ganja / Space Patrol

Captain Ganja / Space Patrol: Tradition

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Artist: Captain Ganja / Space Patrol
Title: Tradition
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Years before Scientist and Jammy battled the space invaders, Tradition dreamt up a sci-fi jazz/dub odyssey in north London. Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol is one of the most singular dub albums that barely saw the light of day. A conscious effort to create a new breed of dub centered around the cosmic synths and keys of Paul Thompson. Making use of an early Roland sampler, Tradition broke away from the standard drum/bass workouts that ruled the day. With the Captain, dub becomes an atmosphere, a feeling, not a formula - littered with baby's cries, tribal chants, radiophonic noodlings and library soundtracks for space-age bachelor pads.

1.1 The Breathtaking Blast
1.2 Subaquatic Swerves
1.3 Alien Circus
1.4 The Creepy Crawl
1.5 Frenzied Friends and Fiends
1.6 Morning on Mars
1.7 Planet Play/Laser Games
1.8 Rocket Repairs
1.9 Escape and Return

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