Captain Music

Captain Music: Let's Boogie Let's Hop Let's Dance

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Captain Music

Title: Let's Boogie Let's Hop Let's Dance
Label: CD Baby

Captain Music, Inc. And GeoFitness, Inc. Have teamed up again to produce SIMPLY THE BEST imagination-driven music available to help children get fit. Let's boogie, Let's Hop, Let's Dance combines Captain Music's catchy melodies, full arrangements, and creative lyrics with the research-based fitness curriculum developed by GeoFitness. It contains tracks with and without instructions to provide guidance and allow fotr the creativity and individuality of instructors and children. Make up your own dance, put your bean bag on your nose, pretend to be a helicopter, get on your surfboard! This is Captain Music's 5th release and the third CD dedicated to helping fight childhood obesity. Move around and have fun! Check out Captain Music's other CDs CHARACTER COUNTS...SO DO I!, I LIKE TO WIGGLE!, A B SEAS!, and GET FIT WITH CAPTAIN MUSIC!

1.1 Let's Boogie, Let's Hop, Let's Dance
1.2 Cocoa Beach Surfin'
1.3 Bean Bag Baby, Pt. 1
1.4 Bean Bag Baby, Pt. 2
1.5 When the Music Stops
1.6 Freeze Out
1.7 Move Your Feet [Remix]
1.8 Hop Scotch, Patty Cake
1.9 Disco Walk Around
1.10 House Chores [Remix]
1.11 Let's Boogie, Let's Hop, Let's Dance
1.12 Cocoa Beach Surfin'
1.13 Hop Scotch, Patty Cake
1.14 Bean Bag Baby
1.15 No Bones About It

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