Captain Quint

Captain Quint: Captain Quint : Pineapple Jam V2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Captain Quint

Artist: Captain Quint
Title: Captain Quint : Pineapple Jam V2

Captain Quint... Real Tropical Rock and Roll. So what exactly is Pineapple Jam ? It's simplistically complex, interwoven with textures from a myriad of musical styles from around the world. A uniquely different, yet infectiously palatable roux of rock, reggae, calypso, Latin and other world flavors. Wow... that's pretty deep. Let's just say it's some real good music,.. it's real tropical rock and roll and it's Captain Quint. This offering is a completely re-mixed and re-mastered version of all your favorite Pineapple Jam tunes, including On the Rocks, My Mind Paints Pictures, Belize, and Vulture in the Sky. The brand spanking new v2... Quint continues to tour the United States, 'spreading the jam', And since the year 2001, they have made several stops with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band for various opening performances.

1.1 Pineappe Jam
1.2 On the Rocks
1.3 Belize
1.4 My Mind Paints Pictures
1.5 If All Hope Isn't Lost
1.6 Vulture in the Sky
1.7 Runnin' the Show

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