Cara Harris

Cara Harris: Mother's Lullabies

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cara Harris

Title: Mother's Lullabies
Label: CD Baby

"I've always loved music and singing. As a child, I adored looking at the pictures in the Children's LDS Songbook while my parents sang to me. Since then, music has been both a passion and an inspiration in my life. As a young adult, I refined my talent as a member of the Latter-day Celebration Choir at Utah Valley University. It was there I truly began to recognize what a powerful tool music could be. I saw--again and again--how uplifting songs instantly touched the hearts of those listening. You could see it in the audience members' faces every time we performed. There was no denying it. They felt something. Several years ago, I met my sweet husband, Matt. He brought with him three, young children from a previous marriage. His life had been void of religion since he was a teenager. Shortly before meeting me, he began to ponder on the gospel teachings his parents had shared with him as a child. Soon after, he diligently strove to welcome the Light of Christ back into his life. As his love for the gospel grew, my love for him grew, and we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Almost immediately I felt as if his children were my children. As parents, we yearned to teach them the gospel. They welcomed songs at bed-time, particularly those from the Children's LDS Songbook. I realized that even if I couldn't teach them as much about the gospel as I wanted to, they could still gain a solid understanding of Heavenly Father and His principles through the sweet messages found in Primary songs. It became imperative to me that our home be filled with uplifting music--with songs about the Temple, going to church, the Holy Ghost, eternal families, and who we are as children of God. In August 2013, I was attending a class at BYU Education Week taught by Janice Kapp Perry and Marvin J. Goldstein. As Sister Perry spoke, I had a flood of information come to me from the Spirit. The message was clear: I needed to make a CD called, "A Mother's Lullabies." I felt completely overwhelmed and put it off. I was pregnant and still working full-time. How could I take on such a big project?! However, I continued to receive promptings confirming the name of the album, what songs should be on it, and that it needed to reach as many homes as possible. I couldn't deny the promptings I kept receiving, and still receive so often! Not only has Heavenly Father been urging me to share these beautiful truths with my own babies, He's made it clear that these simple, musical testaments should fill the homes and hearts of children everywhere. I know Christ-centered music is a powerful method of sharing the gospel and teaching little ones about God's love for them. May it strengthen and fortify them in this ever-changing world. " -Cara.

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