Carel Kraayenhof: Compassion

Carel Kraayenhof: Compassion
Title: Compassion
Label: Imports

Compassion, the tango concert of 2009/2010! It tells US the universal story of music's capability to connect people with each other. Beautiful lyrics by Jorge Luis Borges & flaming compositions by Piazzolla, Pugliese & Kraayenhof. In this show Carel Kraayenhof and his musicians of Sexteto Canyengue form the interactive connection between audience and music. Giving them the opportunity to share desire, love, hope and sadness with each other. His tango music is a reflection of life itself. Compassion, the tango concert with music from Buenos Aires, started as a song of sorrow in the backstreets, but evolved to a beautiful art form.

1.1 Los Cosos de Al Lao
1.2 Silueta Portena
1.3 La Casita de Mis Viejos
1.4 Ojos Negros
1.5 Viejo Caballo
1.6 Gallo Ciego
1.7 Bailarin
1.8 Mis Pibes
1.9 Arrabal
1.10 Suite Compasin
1.11 La Marea Terremoto
1.12 Compasion
1.13 III. Ifuerza!
1.14 Chiquiln de Bachin
1.15 Zum
1.16 Volver
1.17 Escualo
1.18 Old Horse (Bonus Track:)

Carel Kraayenhof: Compassion

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